Ringwood Square Shopping Centre

A shopping centre mall and a 5000 sq meter Bunnings Tenancy

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The project included a shopping centre mall and a 5000 sq meter Bunnings Tenancy.
Both the mall and Bunnings remained open for business during the change over.
Water cooled air-conditioning, circa 1975 was replaced with high efficiency air cooled screw chillers. Reciprocating chillers and closed circuit cooling towers were removed. New air cooled screw chillers were mounted on new roof level plant platforms. The existing air handling plant was retained and fitted with Variable Speed Drives. New cooling and heating water piping, new cooling and heating coils and filter plenum. Existing natural gas fired boilers were retained and reconnected. Existing Mechanical Services Switchboards were retained and modified as required. New controls and BMS were provided for both installations reinstating original fire mode operation.

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